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Started in 1958 by George Telonis, Mr. Baguette is a specialist in baguette and fancy shaped diamonds.  Today, that tradition is carried on by George's son Greg, Greg's son Theo, and their talented gemologists. 

We have been assisting jewelry manufacturers and retail jewelers for their customized needs for over 50 years.  No matter the shape, Mr. Baguette is your go to fancy source. 

Our mantra is and always will be to deliver perfection. Rest assured that your order will arrive perfectly matched, sorted and calibrated.  Cutting and matching fancy shaped diamonds is a very specialized art form.  Trust your orders and custom cutting jobs to our well trained experts.  

Give us a call so we can assist with the impossible 212-883-6682.



What are the most important factors in purchasing an anniversary or wedding band?  One is know the shape of diamond desired- what looks good on your wife's or fiancee's finger.  Once you know the shape, determine whether you want half way around the finger or totally around the finger, called an eternity band.

Knowing the shape desired is the very important because everyone likes a different shape. Some women like rounds, others cushion or radiant cuts, or the always popular emerald cut. The difference in the shape determines how many diamonds are used in the band using the calibration of the dimensions of the diamond versus the finger size.The price is directly effected by the number of stones, the carat weight and the quality used.
Size of each diamond is another important factor. The size of each stone has a different look on everyone's finger- Sometimes bigger is not necessarily better.  What I mean is that you need to know the size of the stones desired in order to properly quote a price for the completed ring.  Overall carat weight is determined by the size of the stones used thus directly affecting price.
Most eternity rings are handmade and thus have flexibility in design aspects that are not afforded the half way bands.  There are options of an open gallery versus solid sides as well as height of the band.


The most important thing to know when looking at diamonds for an engagement ring is the 4 C's.  What are the 4 C's?  Color, Clarity, Cut. and Carat Weight.  Each of these impact the luster of the diamond as well as the price.  Let's explore each:

Color is very important because it impacts the price most directly- the better the color the price increases in increments of 10-15%.  Color is also the first thing everyone sees.  
Clarity is also very important because it directly impacts the price of the diamond- the cleaner the diamond (VS+ versus SI) the higher the price by increments of 5-15%.
Cut is the most important factor in my opinion. Why? Because you can have an imperfect diamond (SI2) with a nice cut and proportions, the stone will still look fantastic.  A well cut diamond is sexy to the naked eye. You know when it talks to you.  If you use a weaker make diamond to save money, you get what you pay for.  It is the job of the dealer to properly inform you of the make of each stone and direct you with knowledge and credibility. 
Carat weight is the last piece to the puzzle in terms of market price for a diamond.  The carat weight is determined by a guide to the industry named the Rapaport List, in which there is a layout of market pricing for different carat weights versus their colors and clarity.  The price changes 10-20% between different sizes, such as 1 carat versus 11/2 carat versus 2 carat versus 3 carat , etc.
I would enjoy the opportunity to work with you in purchasing your engagement ring.  I provide an experience of looking at diamonds fun and fascinating.  Let me teach you about stones and pick out a beautiful engagement ring or custom necklace or earrings.

Kosmos creative pendants: A unique jewelry collection designed by Greg Telonis,  Debbie Baltarshanski, & Theo Telonis.

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