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The Kosmos Collection is a contemporary jewelry collection focuses on bringing you an essential accessory to your wardrobe. Kosmos is the necklace that you will never take off. Mr. Baguette takes pride in delivering high quality to you at a wholesale price. 


Little known among most jewelry consumers is that retail companies will mark up a piece of jewelry no less than 3x the cost before selling. This means the value of your jewelry is far less than what you paid for it. Mr. Baguette has been in the wholesale business for over 60 years & is now bringing the Kosmos collection to you. The value of a Kosmos necklace is what you pay for it. The material cost our of pieces alone is what makes the price. VVS quality Diamonds, pure 14K Gold or Sterling Silver. 


Authenticity of our product is guaranteed. We use Blockchain technology to ensure the ethics behind our diamonds. Mr. Baguette will never use lesser quality, CZs, or man made stones.

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